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National Compliment Day

Compliment. We rise by lifting others
compliment. we rise by lifting others.

The power of a compliment is pretty remarkable: Either giving or receiving one can boost your happiness and confidence — making it a win-win. So on January 24, celebrate National Compliment Day by going all out with your complimenting. Created in 1998 by two women from New Hampshire — Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffman — National Compliment Day is a fun day (filled with great vibes) that can include everyone.


A. It can build confidence Receiving a compliment can certainly brighten your day. Having someone notice positive traits can instantly make you stand a littler taller and walk more confidently.

B. Anyone has the ability to celebrate Unlike Christmas, where you’re stressing out about spending money on gifts, compliments are free. Plus, anyone can give a compliment — regardless of what's in your bank account.

C. Compliments work — in the workplace Here's some helpful advice for bosses and supervisors: Compliments are a powerful way to motivate continued employee efforts. Studies show that rewarding a person with either compliments or money activate the same area of the brain. Thus, compliments can increase on-the-job performance.

3 Post-It Notes. "Your Speech Inspired Me Because...", "Great Job You Worked Hard On That Project"; "I Like Your New Glasses"


1. Compliment a stranger Complimenting friends and co-workers on National Compliment Day is a given, but step out of your comfort zone and compliment people you don’t even know. Gas station attendants, baristas, bank tellers, the grumpy worker at the DMV — everyone's worthy of receiving a compliment.

2. Spread the good vibes on social media Even though an in-person compliment may seem more genuine, what matters is making people feel good about themselves.

3. Challenge friends, family and coworkers See if you can get friends and family to compliment at least one person. Spreading good cheer is contagious.

You Are Amazing. You Deserve to be Happy & Healthy!
You Are Amazing! You Deserve to be Happy & Healthy!

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