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Affirmations to Attract Abundance

Monthly Word of Focus: Abundance

Abundance means ample, fullness, plentiful and overflowing.

Many people believe that abundance comes only in the form of money. Because of this limiting belief they unconsciously block the flow of abundance in their life.

However, real abundance is the physical manifestation of our true, divine nature and how we show up in the world. You can have an abundance of joy, grace, laughter, personal power, confidence, ease, connectedness, and strength.

Abundance can show up in your life as:

  • Love & support from your family and close friends

  • An unexpected gift or compliment

  • An act of kindness from a stranger

  • New opportunities to grow and develop

  • And yes sometimes even as financial abundance.

Too often, people unconciously focus on the things they want without recognizing what they have. People spend time and energy daydreaming about what could be, instead of recogning the areas of their life where abundance already flows.

Abundance affirmations are a powerful tool to bring awareness and focus to what you already have working for you in your life.

Here are 7 powerful affirmations for you to try this month to bring more Abundance into your conscious awareness:

  1. I acknowledge and express gratitude for the abundance in my life

  2. My body creates abundant health and energy

  3. I find new ways every day to experience abundance

  4. I easily access my abundant nature

  5. I infuse my day with abundant creativity and joy

  6. I create limitless abundance in my life through my actions and attitude

  7. I create opportunities that open the door for more abundance in my life

Do you use any other affirmations to attract more abundance into your life? Share your comments with the community below!

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