Dr. Jenn Drake, D.C.

In practice since 2001, Dr. Drake is passionate about true healing for body, mind and spirit.

With one car accident behind her, Dr. Jenn had severe carpal tunnel in both of her hands and chronic neck pain. As she was looking for a free consultation, she ended up finding a chiropractor in the Yellow Pages, even though she looked under orthopedics. “I had no knowledge or background of what chiropractors were or what they did. So when I had the consult with the doctor, everything he said made complete sense to me.”

Having taken the anatomy and physiology classes as an undergrad, she understood how the body and nervous system work. After agreeing to let the chiropractor adjust her, Dr. Jenn got remarkable results. “The other doctor in the office said, ‘Why don’t you go to chiropractic school?'” Dr. Jenn replied that she had never even thought about it. “The doctor thought it would be a good fit for me. Plus I was a runner, so the idea of treating athletes in a holistic, natural way was very attractive.” She visited Palmer College of Chiropractic and then signed up the following year.

Always Learning and Evolving

Dr. Jenn finds that it’s a daily blessing to be able to do what she does each day. “I have respect for the body’s unique design and it’s ability to heal. I’m constantly learning and evolving.” Alignment is much more than physical. It encompasses emotional, mental and spiritual facets as well.


Never claiming to have all the answers, Dr. Jenn believes that the answers reside in every person. “I’m the detective, looking to see where the body needs my assistance.” Sometimes I provide the technique needed for structural alignement and sometimes I provide the needed reminder about a healthy lifestyle habit. "I get the most satisfaction when a patient comes back to brag about their progress with eating more vegetables that week."

Staying Active in Grand Junction


Outside the practice. Dr. Jenn enjoys an active family life with her two boys and little girl. “We’re all into sports and being outdoors.” The family enjoys biking, hiking and having fun together. Her kids come to the office and get adjusted. She has been a runner now for almost 30 years. Dr. Jenn credits her active lifestyle to clean eating, whole food and quality-based supplements and proper alginment through chiropractic care.

Dr. Jenn personally has experience with whatever she recommends to patients, whether it’s a particular brand of fish oil or probiotics. She always  introduces her patients to only the highest quality products. She has been taking and recommending JuicePlus+ (a natural whole food based nutrition in a capsule, chewable or shake mix for the past 18 years.)

Dr. Jenn Drake, D.C.

Holistic Chiropractor & Health Coach

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