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Dr. Jenn Drake, D.C.


In practice since 2001, Dr. Drake is passionate about true healing for body, mind and spirit.

Staying Active in Aspen


Outside the practice. Dr. Jenn enjoys an active family life with her two boys and little girl. “We’re all into sports and being outdoors.” The family enjoys biking, sup, hiking, skiing and snowboarding and having fun together. She has been a runner now for 32 years. Dr. Jenn credits her active lifestyle to clean eating, whole food and quality-based supplements and proper alginment through chiropractic care. Her mantra is eat well, move well and think well!

Always Learning and Evolving


Dr. Jenn is committed to being a lifelong learner. Not just for herself, but for her clients as well. "I often provide the needed reminders for posture or lifestyle habits." She sees herself as a doctor and an accountability partner.


Dr. Jenn has had previous experience as a personal trainer, has been a competitive runner and triathlete, a stay at home mom and a doctor in full time clinical practice. She has had over two decades of experience in nutrition and stays up to date on the latest research regarding supplements and vitamins.

She has recently added cutting edge technology to her practice in the form of a Class IV medical laser for pain relief, pre and post operative care and injury recovery.

Dr Jenn Drake
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