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In practice since 2001, Dr. Drake is passionate about true healing for body, mind and spirit.

Partnering With You


It’s important to understand that your health is a journey, not a destination. Dr. Drake listens to her clients and encourages them to participate in their own care. In addition to providing chiropractic care, she also offers Holistic Health Coaching to meet your health needs and goals.

“Doctor means teacher in Latin.” Dr. Drake teaches her patients to listen to their bodies. “People need to learn how to read symptoms, trust their body’s inner wisdom, and participate in their healing by making better choices.” Many health problems today exist largely in part to lifestyle choices. Your health blueprint is unique and the information offered for improvement can be overwhelming. It is her promise to assist you in choosing the next right step. 



Your Wellness Partner

Dr. Jenn Drake, DC


Dr. Jenn believes that living a healthy lifestyle includes thinking well, eating well and moving well. Her focus is helping you identify your health goals, design a program that fits your needs and guides you through to get you to your highest quality of life.

Whether you are looking for a tune-up or you could really use an accountability coach on your wellness path, Dr. Jenn's holistic approach will have you feeling great and seeing results in your body, mind and spirit. 


Worthwhile Difference in My Life

May 16, 2019

I have been working with Dr. Drake for over a year. She is unfailingly kind, gentle, professional, knowledgeable and supportive. She listens both to what I say verbally and what my body tells her and then responds with treatment and suggestions for addressing the concerns with a wide array of tools. 

-Kathy H.

Back to My Active Lifestyle

Jul 12, 2018

I went to see Dr. Drake for shoulder and back pain that I had been experiencing. After a series of adjustments, my pain is gone and I am finally feeling much better. Dr. Drake got me back to my active lifestyle and has given me a better perspective on how to manage my overall health.

-Jeremy R.

Feeling Great!

Jun 31, 2018

It took me over an hour to get to the appointment and when I arrived I was very stiff in my lower back and hips when I got out of the car. When I drove an hour back home and got out of the car I felt great! I look forward to my next visit

-Bob C.



Recommended to Family!

Aug 31, 2018

It was a great experience I even recommend it to my family members

-Sonia G.

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