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What to do when you hate exercise

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

First you need to define what exercise means to you. Is it walking? Is it a sweaty body pump class? Is it Cross Fit? Is it a specific sport like cycling or running? Ask yourself this question, “when I think of the word ‘exercise’, does it conjure up good, fun feelings”?

Were you always one of the last kids picked for dodgeball in PE class? (Just for clarification, we’re talking about the old school kind with the big red balls that caused minor concussions when you got hit in the head). Do you now avoid all forms of exercise because your body screams in pain somewhere if you move it a certain way?

First off, I will be totally honest. I have been an athlete my entire life and I have always enjoyed almost all forms of exercise. (Don’t get me started on golf) I have competed in volleyball, track, running, cycling, triathlons, adventure races, bodybuilding, just to name a few. I am consistent in both motivation and action. Do I always love it? NO! Do I ever hate it? Well, hate is a strong word I rarely use. I like to reserve it for things like, I hate it when my kids whine, or I hate it when I have spent 20 minutes curling my hair and it goes flat five minutes after leaving the house, or I hate it when I bump my shin on the dishwasher.

There have been more than one occasion where I didn’t “feel” like working out, but followed a YouTube video anyway. There are five minute workout videos out there people that are really good! I have also been known to curse at the really fit, gorgeous instructor on the screen of my iPhone, in my garage, while doing the prescribed “burpee with a twist”. Trust me, that doesn’t make them “more fun”! Please don’t mess with the Burpee, I like it just the way it is. Let’s not pretend they are easy or fun. Maybe the first two or three, but as you approach the 8th or 9th consecutive one, lets be real, they are no longer fun for most of us. Are they effective, yes!

What I do love about exercise is the results! I have a sense of personal pride at the end of a workout. We have all heard about the numerous health benefits, so I will highlight just a few as a friendly reminder.

  • Increase in strength and flexibility

  • Keep a toned, sexy body

  • Improves productivity

  • Boost “feel good” chemicals called endorphins in the brain

Our Move Well-Stay Well Programs are custom designed 8 or 12 week holistic coaching packages designed to get to the root cause of your reasons for not exercising, whether its aches and pains, lack or time, or no interest whatsoever.

We will provide you with practical, easy guidelines and routines that will deliver results and that will invite you into or back into an active, vibrant life.

You deserve to feel good and look good in your body! Call 970-306-7277 to schedule a complimentary discovery session today!

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