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A Time to Reconnect

Disconnect begets discord – whether it be separation anxiety when you drop off your toddler to his first day of preschool, restricted nerve flow from spine stress or from a mind overstimulated by social media 24/7. In the state of disconnect, we operate dangerously below our God purposed potential.

Would you expect your toaster to work if it wasn’t connected to a power source? Of course not! Our brains and bodies are no different. Without proper nerve flow, our hearts cannot pump blood, our eyes cannot blink and our immune systems do not perform optimally.

Stress in its many forms (physical, chemical, emotional) can decrease connection between our brains and bodies, and produ

ce dis-ease somewhere in our system.

It is our desire to help you find your unique points of disconnection and plug you back in to your power source so you can feel and function better!

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