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Many parents are unaware of the benefits of chiropractic for newborns. It seems to defy logic that a baby, brand new to this world, would have any health issues that would warrant a visit to a pediatric chiropractor, however, birth can be quite traumatic on your little one's spine. Initiating chiropractic care from the beginning of life can address any injuries or subluxations that may have occurred during the birth process and set the newborn up for a lifetime of health and well-being.

Birth Injury in the United States


Labor and delivery isn’t just difficult for the mother—the infant also experiences the physical stress and strain of the birth process.  Birth injury may occur due to use of tools during the birth. Doctors and medical staff will often use vacuum suction and forceps to reposition the baby’s head or to pull the baby out if pushing is proving ineffective. Doctors will also pull on the baby’s limbs or head. Any of these techniques can result in subluxations of the spine.

These injuries can cause nerve system damage or interference and can lead to other health problems. The only way to determine if an injury has occurred is through an infant chiropractic care evaluation.

Subluxation of the Spine


Spinal subluxation occurs when one or more spinal vertebrae move out of position, creating stress or irritation on nearby nerves, which prevents the body from functioning optimally. One of the three most common causes of subluxation is trauma.

Minor and/or major trauma can occur to an infant as he or she makes the way through the narrow birth canal, especially if the medical staff must use tools to assist the baby’s exit from the womb or birth canal. These traumas often result in subluxations—infant chiropractic care can help alleviate these issues through gentle adjustments. These adjustments remove the subluxation and allow the body to function optimally.

A Gentle Touch for Comfort

Dr. Jenn uses KST in her practice every day after experiencing first hand results from the technique and then studying it to use on her patients. By using the ArthroStim® instrument, gentle and specific adjustments are preformed to restore your body’s proper alignment.

Have Your Baby Checked

Immediately following or soon after birth, it’s important to have your infant checked by a pediatric chiropractor to determine if any subluxation occurred. Many chiropractors have pediatric certifications and specialize in infant adjustments, and chiropractic adjustments on infants are proven to be safe and gentle. Research has shown a correlation between chiropractic care and a reduction in the symptoms of colic, ear infection and more.

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