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The First Visit

Expect this first appointment to take an hour.


After scheduling your New Patient Exam, you will be asked to complete a Personal Health History online. We ask you to please complete this before your appointment.  

The goal of this appointment is to determine why you're here. We’ll give you ample time to discuss your concerns and what you’re hoping to achieve. As part of the conversation, Dr. Jenn will do a full health history and lifestyle evaluation to find out what areas in your life are being compromised from your current health status. She will also explain her holistic approach and adjusting style.


Next, Dr. Jenn will perform a comprehensive exam that will include a postural, spinal and neurological evaluation. She will also perform range of motion testing, a gait analysis and any necessary orthopedic tests. A non-invasive bio-sequencing scan will determine organ and organ system dysfunction and/or weakness. After the exam Dr. Jenn will give you your first treatment and any home instructions. You’ll be asked to make an appointment for the following visit; Dr. Jenn has most patients return within the first week.

The Second Visit

This appointment takes approximately 30 minutes.


At this appointment, we’ll ask what improvements you are seeking for your health. Dr. Jenn will review your exam findings with you and make recommendations for your personalized care. She will discuss the lifestyle evaluation to determine if small personal changes will speed up the recovery process. “Real health is a journey, not a destination. Patients need to understand their own role and responsibility.” Dr. Jenn wants to ensure that you have a clear direction moving forward of what is expected of each other on this healing journey. You will then be given your copy of the information to take home. Your visit will end with your next treatment  and adjustment. Afterwards, we'll schedule a your future appointments to reserve your preferred day and times.


Regular Visits


We know you’re busy. That’s why follow-up visits we spend between 15-30 minutes together. Dr. Jenn takes the time to listen and customize your care to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

Holistic Health Coaching


Staying on the path to wellness sometimes requires additional support and encouragement. Our Holistic Coaching provides personalized positive support towards reaching your health and wellness goals.



"I’ll ask if they think this is a good fit and will tell them if I can help them or not."   - Dr. Jenn Drake, D.C.

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