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Rose Swansong
Rose Swansong

Office Manager

Rose has been a life long student of self-growth and discovery. Along her own healing journey, Rose discovered a joy for being of service to other beautiful souls navigating their own healing journeys. She is mother to a teen daughter and preteen son in Longmont. In the past she has been a full time caregiver for family members both young and old, well and disabled. 

Rose's true passion is art. She is happiest when creating and dabbles in many mediums from sewing to painting. Inspired by contemporary Visionary artists, Rose is an Intuitive Expressionist acrylic painter. Her paintings try to capture emotion and energy in life around us. Rose enjoys facilitating workshops to create safe space for people to re-connect with their unique creative voice.

Stan the Skeleton Man
Stan the Skeleton

Office Masoct & Educator

Stan crossed the rainbow bridge in 1898 and kindly donated his body to science. Since then Stan has had many lives with in many healing centers educating patients on structural wellness.

Stan enjoys dressing up and taking pictures with patients. Feel free to take a selfie with Stan any time you're in the office. Follow Stan on our social media pages to follow Stan's adventures in fashion & wellness after life. Please tag #StanSkeletonMan when you share your selfies on social media. Or you can email your photos to Stan and we'll share them for you.

Dr. Jenn Drake, D.C.

Holistic Chiropractor & Health Coach

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